Through its activities, the Community Opportunity Fund seeks to improve the lives of residents of affordable housing by co-producing health, social services, education, culture, employment and recreation programs, measuring the results, and using the data from these test program to shift public policy and funding towards the creation of communities of opportunity for all Americans.


The purpose of the Community Opportunity Fund is as follows:

  • To assist persons with low and moderate incomes in obtaining access to a range of health, educational, cultural, social, and other services and activities that may enhance the quality, wellbeing and opportunity of their lives and communities;
  • To create and preserve stable communities by sponsoring, initiating, developing, financing, and/or operating a) affordable, elderly, and/or disabled housing; and b) community interventions that enhance the health, nutrition, education, economic, cultural, social service resources available to affordable, elderly, and/or disabled housing residents.
  • To sponsor, initiate, develop, finance or operate research projects that measure the effectiveness of sponsoring affordable, elderly, and/or disabled housing and providing related social services to its residents and surrounding communities.
  • To provide financial and technical support to those resident, not-for-profits, affordable housing owners, and stakeholders living and working in low-income communities who seek to achieve the foregoing purposes of the Corporation; and
  • To engage in any lawful act or activity in furtherance of the foregoing, as well as other charitable activities that combat community deterioration, lessen government burden and assist in the elimination of racial prejudice and discrimination, provided such activities are not in violation, or inconsistent with, the Corporation’s status as a charitable and educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code.